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My name is Jim Frantz, I have been in the industry for many years building everything from sheds to huge log homes. I went to Tiny Houses many years ago before it was popular and have build many in Hawaii while living there.

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Craftsmanship built Tiny House! For a price that won’t set you back

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Why So Much?

I have been noticing at shows and on TV that the Tiny House movement is getting not so tiny anymore, what I mean is when did it become who can build the biggest with every option shoved in at a not so Tiny price. What happen to the $60,000 to $70,000 top of the line […]

What would you want in a Tiny Home

Please help by answering a 2 minute Poll, we are looking at building this to raffle for charity, Thanks for the help What You Want in a Tiny House Click the image to voice your opinion!

Why a Tiny House on Wheels?

Why a Tiny House on Wheels? Everybody has their reasons for going tiny, but for whatever your reason is make sure of your decision. Financial Independence The Ability to Take it With You Going Green Or all the above The one reason that has stood out most with our customers is the idea of not […]

Tiny House Travel Stops

If you know of places to stop around the country for Tiny Houses like KOA’s etc. Contact Us and we will post them here to help others on their journey.