About Us

My name is Jim Frantz, I have been in the industry for many years building everything from sheds to huge log homes.  I went to Tiny Houses many years ago before it was popular and have build many in Hawaii while living there.

I build each of the Tiny Houses myself.  I have had all the employee’s and huge workshops before and gave it all up to stop building 5+ at the same time, I instead build one at a time which means only 4 to 5 tiny homes a year so I can give my customers the quality and craftsmanship they deserve for thousands less.

We don’t prioritize customers as to how much they spend either, customers will place an order and will be place in line with other orders.

Yes you may have to wait a little longer (depending on our work load) then you might with the cookie cutter building style but I believe if you are going into this venture to get the very best that your money can buy then you will see what I offer you.

We always post the approximate time schedule at the bottom right under Updates.

On average I complete a Tiny House in approximately 8 to 12 weeks (three months once we have the trailer) you will get an approximate date of completion but if you are wanting something right away then you might want to purchase used or from other high volume builder.

Not trying to run you off but I believe you deserve the truth and real completion times.