So how much do Tiny Houses cost?

To be perfectly honest it depends. Because I build each of my Tiny Homes per customer choices and wants the price can vary a great deal.  I can guarantee you that whatever the cost is will be better than any apples to apples bid from anyone else.

If you haven’t read the about us section “that’s okay”  I build each of the Tiny Houses myself.  I have had all the employee’s and huge workshops before and gave it all up to stop building 5+ at the same time, I instead build one at a time which means only 4 to 5 tiny homes a year so I can give my customers the quality and craftsmanship they deserve for thousands less.

I do not prioritize customers as to how much they spend either, Customers will place an order and will be place in line with other orders, yes you may have to wait a little longer then the cookie cutter builders but I believe if you are going into this venture to get the very best your money can buy.  I always post the approximate time schedule at the bottom right under Updates.

Just to give you an idea into the cost of building a Tiny House, look below for typical cost.

  • $3500-$9000 For a quality trailer
  • $450 Single Entry Door
  • $1000 to $1500 for French Doors
  • $1000 to $5000  Quality Appliances
  • $700 to $2000  Metal Roofing, depending on roofing style
  • $4900 Lumber, Hardwoods, Sheathing, etc.
  • $2800 Insulation
  • $500 One Piece Shower
  • $2000 for bathroom/kitchen tile work
  • $500 to $1000 For Electrical Items
  • $500 to $800 For Plumbing Items
  • $500 to $1500 Lights/fans, etc.
  • $1000 Composting Toilet
  • $600 to $1500 For Flooring
  • $2000 to $5000 Interior Materials
  • $800 Finishes
  • $1500 Cabinets
  • $2800 Windows
  • $500 Hardware such as Handles, Screws, Nails, Fasteners, etc
  • $45 to $60 an hour labor rate.

Not trying to scare you off but being honest about cost of a tiny home.  I will give you a hard quote and if you add anything after that I will give you a price in writing for the additional work requested so you will never be surprised about cost and absolutely no hidden fees.

There is a $500 designing fee first that will be subtracted from the purchase price and then a 50% deposit to get started and the rest on completion. 

I know and understand this will be your home and want to be sure you are going to be as happy in the new home as I will be building it for you.  I absolutely love doing what I do and I feel it shows in my work.


For some average prices from past customers look below to get an idea:

Trailer length:        Complete Cost:    Shell cost:

12′                                 $23k                 $11k

16′                                $29k                  $15k

18′                               $40k                  $18k

20′                               $49k                  $20k

24′                                $54k                  $22k

28′                               $68k                   $25k

30′                                $79k                 $28k


Shell costs vary depending on whether you require roofing, siding, windows, electrical, plumbing, or insulation options.