Why a Tiny House on Wheels?

Why a Tiny House on Wheels?

Everybody has their reasons for going tiny, but for whatever your reason is make sure of your decision.

  • Financial Independence
  • The Ability to Take it With You
  • Going Green
  • Or all the above

The one reason that has stood out most with our customers is the idea of not having a mortgage payment anymore, Just think what you can buy or save with what you were spending on a mortgage.  The average in Arizona is $1061 a month.

Don’t get caught up in the 40/40/40 plan, which simply states you work 40 hours a week for 40 years to get 40% of the income you had a hard time living on 40 years ago.  I am so glad to see young people now buying these Tiny Houses and putting a percentage of the money they save into a retirement plan.

The best thing is, all of the above goes hand in hand, by going Tiny also means going green just from going to a tiny house with the ability of taking it with you and if you go solar too then you are way ahead of the game.

Why not buy an RV Travel Trailer?

The biggest reason is the RV & Travel Trailer was not designed for everyday living like a Tiny House for example:

RV’s are built with extremely thin walls with very little insulation, and very little thought on long term living.  They usually use cheap and lite materials to help keep the weight as low as possible along with cost of manufacturing.

Tiny House’s are built with almost all the same materials used to build a normal home.

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